Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review

Atharva’s neat performance and the stunt sequences highlight this middling action drama. Below goes our Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review.

Sri Ganesh’s long-delayed sophomore outing in Kuruthi Aattam has finally hit the screens now, and the action-thriller which features Atharva in the lead role has come out as a gangster drama that keeps us hooked through its action sequences but has a bit less to offer otherwise.

The film tells us the story of Sakthi (Atharva) and the events that take place in his life as he meets different people at work, his life and the ways different people – both good and bad, get entangled in a tug of war in Madurai. The first half of the film slowly sets up the scenes and introduces us to all the characters, while the second half moves ahead at a fine pace with the action sequences taking over everything else. The film is a bit too generic at times with respect to its commercial template, and could have put some more invention into the proceedings. However, the action sequences, fitting to the title, are the plus point of the film and work out well in its favour.

Atharva has done very well in the film, and brings his best foot forward for the action sequences where he looks super comfortable. The film benefits big time from the performances of the quadrant in the support cast – Vatsan as the baddie is terrific, Kanna Ravi is solid in an excellently written role.

Prakash Raghavan plays a fishy role well and Vinod Sagar is superb playing the father who gets caught up in a muddle. Priya Bhavani Shankar creates a feeble impact in the proceedings, however, the other female addition to the cast in the form of Radikaa Sarathkumar is a huge plus with her massy presence.

The film has good cinematography and the edits are old-school. However, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is a big misfire and someone else in his place could have done a punchy job that would have added fire to the proceedings.

On the whole, Kuruthi Aattam is a watchable action thriller that has some good scenes split apart between the two halves, but it does not have the constant delivery of high moments that a film in such a genre needs. Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A basic, watchable action thriller!

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