Kurangu Pedal Movie Review

Sivakarthikeyan's latest presentation is an engaging film on the love for a cycle. Down goes our Kurangu Pedal Movie Review.

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review

A neat and likeable entertainer that has a good amount of nostalgia in it.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Films on small wants are always nice to watch because of the innocence they carry within them, and Sivakarthikeyan’s latest presentation in the form of Kurangu Pedal is a film that is sweet and charming at the same time.

The film is about a group of kids during a school vacation, and what happens when one of them wants to rent and learn to ride a cycle even when his father does not have one. The film carries itself with a fun and lightweight mood throughout, and the relationship between the father and son is maintained as the highlight for most parts. Though not consistent with its comic timing and heartfelt moments, the film does manage to tickle our hearts and give us something to cheer for at the end.

The performances of Kaali Venkat and the little kid Santhosh Velmurugan make the film stand higher than where it is meant to be, as there are a couple of really good emotional moments between the duo that click. The supporting cast that has names like Prasanna also help the film through nicely.

Kurangu Pedal has good music by Ghibran who aids the film with his channeled score.

Director Kamalakannan takes up a very simple subject but deals with it having a lot of conviction in hand. He could have attached more interesting episodes to the film in the form of the writing, but still, it stands up well as an enjoyable feel good drama.

Kurangu Pedal is one of those films which will take you down memory lane, and keep you invested through the nostalgic elements in it.

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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