Aranmanai 4 Movie Review

Tamannaah is excellent in Sundar C’s enjoyable entertainer with old-school horror and comedy! Here goes our Aranmanai 4 Movie Review.

Aranmanai 4 Movie Review

A bona fide entertainer that marks the return to form for Sundar C

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Sundar C goes back to his most trusted franchise title with Aranmanai 4, a film that goes right into the horror comedy segment which is a famous one as always. This time, the director has taken more care to ensure that the film arrives as a very interesting and entertaining watch for the audiences.

Aranmanai 4 comes off as a film that keeps the ball rolling in terms of the entertainment that it provides, while also doubling up as an investigative drama featuring the lead Sundar C. The film has an emotional core which is set in motion very early on, and it moves into an entertaining zone from there on with the suspense element kept in check. The first half is very well planned out, while the second half is neat and has only a couple of lulls.

Aranmanai 4 also benefits big time from the making and the performances – Tamannaah is superb in a well written role, showcasing her talent once again in such roles where it demands a strong performer as well.

The important point is here that the supporting cast also set well into the scheme of things, and that helps the film well.

Aranmanai 4 is also technically strong as it is superior to the other two injections in the franchise before this in terms of its presentation – the climax with the Amman song and the fight is superbly filmed and turns up as a solid boost to the film’s end.

On the whole, Sundar C surprisingly delivers a well held entertainer with Aranmanai 4, which will surely satisfy its target audience.

Aranmanai 4 Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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