Kannai Nambathey Movie Review

Udhay and Prasanna create a good impact in this neat thriller. Down goes our Kannai Nambathe Movie Review.

Director Mu. Maran’s first film in Iravukku Aayiram Kangal turned out to be a convincing thriller, and he has now arrived with another interesting film on the same lines – Kannai Nambathe. The filmmaker has kept up to the familiar regards of his first film here as well, and that has worked out in its favor as well as against the film.

Kannai Nambathe starts off with Arun (Udhaynidhi Stalin) in search of a house in Chennai, and he finds company in Somu (Prasanna). As Somu invites him over for a night out at a bar, Arun refuses to drink and crosses paths with a woman in a car, which turns over a slew of events involving many characters together. After wiling away the time in the first half for a bit with some romantic portions, the film picks up pace once the inciting incident is set in motion. By keeping his characters different from each other, Maran is able to topple over the predictions of the audiences at a couple of places. Into the second half, the film slows down a bit and does get a little repetitive and predictable with its twists. The climax sequence definitely could have been conceived in a better way, but the film does keep itself on its toes until the end.

Udhaynidhi Stalin does a fine job and is impressive in a role that does not give him any heroism but keeps him as the thread linking all the events in the film. Prasanna is equally good in a role that is as good as or stronger than that of the hero, and so is Bhumika who has a fine part to play. The film has a lot of characters who have all contributed quite well in totality.

Technically, Kannai Nambathe is neat though there are no great shakes in the cinematography or music department. The editing by San Lokesh tries a few new things and works out well for the film.

On the whole, Kannai Nambathe is a decent thriller that moves ahead in a standard format. Satisfying but nothing great.  Kannai Nambathe Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A fairly engaging thriller that keeps it going until the end.

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