Kabzaa Movie Review

Upendra’s fans have a lot to celebrate in this gangster action drama. Here goes our Kabzaa Movie Review.

Kannada’s industry’s big banner until this day is definitely KGF, which is one of the big treats that the industry has been able to provide. In the same route with almost the same clothes comes Kabzaa, a gangster saga set in the past.

Director Chandru, after doing two smaller films with Upendra, opts for a bigger canvas with the gangster backdrop this time. The film comes telling us the story of Arkeshwar, a gangster who grows up from a small position into a man who is unbeatable. Kabzaa takes over similar references from the world of KGF, and puts forth a story that is not even half as interesting to watch. There are a couple of scenes that manage to have us looking at the screen, but apart from that, there is not much to grasp. The climax sequence featuring three of Kannada’s biggest stars is a big treat indeed, and is the best scene from the film.

It is Upendra who somehow manages to keep the momentum about the film flowing throughout, and there are some good moments for his fans. Shriya Saran also comes up with a good performance, but the film really lacks a strong villain who can stand up to the occasion.

The film has good cinematography and the music by Ravi Basrur too works well.

On the whole, Kabzaa is a watchable experience for action film buffs and gangster movie lovers.

Verdict: A watchable gangster saga! 

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