Kamal Haasan’s Drishyam titled Papanasam in Tamil?

There are reports that the Tamil remake of Drishyam has been titled Papanasam. Directed by Jeethu Joseph, the original was set in the backdrop of Thodapuzha, a town in the Idukki district of Kerala. It was reported earlier that the Tamil remake will be set in the backdrop of Tirunelveli district and Kamal will essay the role of Saiva pillai in the film. Now, sources say the film is titled Papanasam and Kamal Haasan will join the shoot in two weeks.

Why Papanasam is a fitting title for the film?

Thodapuzha town was chosen as the backdrop in the original since it encompasses beautiful landscapes and picturesque locations. It is calm and composed like the pristine river flowing through the town, which is also named Thodapuzha. Now, not for the namesake the makers in Tamil are contemplating the title Papanasam. Papanasam town is situated in the Tirunelveli district and it literally translates to ‘Destruction of Sins’ (பாப – Sin; நாசம் – Destruction), which perfectly gels with the central theme of the film. It is a popular tourist spot in Tirunelveli located at the banks of Thamirabarani river and houses a lot of scenic spots including Papanasam temple, Agasthiyar falls and Vaana Theertham falls. What better title could we ask for?


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