Kaari Movie Review

Sasikumar strikes up a good entertainer that has an interesting backdrop! Below goes our Kaari Movie Review.

Kaari Movie Review

An informative entertainer that delivers the goods!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Just last week, Sasikumar had a release with Naan Mirugamaai Maara and he is back again with another film – Kaari. This time, the actor gets a solid script that is packed with elements of Jallikattu, meat consumption, corporates and the love for animals.

Sethu (Sasikumar) is a horse jockey in Chennai who is going about his business along with his dad (played by Aadukalam Naren). On the other side, we get to see two other stories – the rivalry between two villages and a corporate mechanism involving bulls. How these three stories get intertwined forms the base of Kaari, and director Hemanth has put together an engaging film that works well overall.

Hemanth’s writing is quite strong as he has ensured that the facts that he presents are not flawed, and there is a certain amount of research going into it. The film constantly gives us details on the Jallikattu process, and unveils many details that we are not quite aware of. The film gallops forward quite quickly in the first half, as there are hardly any dull moments. However, the second half is not as exciting as it should be, and that’s where it falters. More emphasis on the facts and solutions related to the issue would have made it a better film than the generic route it has here.

Sasikumar does a decent job in the lead role, and this is definitely a better outing from the actor in recent times. He is a convincing pick to play the lead role, though the heroism scenes do not work out best for him. Otherwise, the film is packed with a good cast where Aadukalam Naren, JD Chakravarthy and the new entrant Parvathy Arun.

With good technicalities and smashing BGM elevating the film to an extent, Kaari is definitely quite strong on the technical front.

On the whole, Kaari is a film that is worth watching for its message and the visuals that it brings. Kaari Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Kaari Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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