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Agent Kannayiram Movie Review

Santhanam is impressive in this peculiar tale of an investigative hunt! Here goes our Agent Kannaiyram Movie Review.

At the onset of Agent Kannayiram’s first half, it does not take much time to realize that this film is largely different from the original ‘Agent Sai Sreenivas Athreya’ which was more of simple and funny story that took a serious turn and blended it nicely. Here, director Manoj Beedha ensures that he has a totally different world built up for the film, and takes his own sweet time to put across his facts.

Agent Kannayiram comes with the same story of the original, but the route in which director Manoj Beedha gets ahead with the storyline is very peculiar. Instead of having the comedy listed out directly, there is a highly airy and laid-back manner that the film moves ahead with. Though the crime, the investigation and the mother angle too are ones having heavy potential, there are hardly any big shakes in the film and it becomes a bit hard to take through after a point.

Santhanam has done extremely well in the lead role, and it is another different performance from the actor who has worked hard to get his part right. Though the film once again requires him to stay away from his usual style after Gulu Gulu, he ensures that he displays good variation between his performances in both the films. The film also has a good show from Riya Suman, while the rest of the cast are just about par.

Yuvan’s music adds a lot of vibe to the film, and it is him who has elevated many of the scenes to an extent. The film somewhat benefits from his work and that is a plus point.

On the whole, Agent Kannayiram is a film with so much potential that it could have been elevated to the next level with a different approach instead of the dry one that has been adopted now. The film showcases a terrific performance from Santhanam and some strong technical factors, but it certainly could have driven forward to a stronger end product.

Verdict: A decent outing that could have attained its potential even more! 

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