Joker team talks about the film

The makers of Joker met the press on Saturday and shared some interesting snippets about the film, which is all set for release on July 12th.

“It’s been a great learning experience for me. Joker is a truly international cinema. It will not disappoint you in any way. There are good romance portions in the film and Gayathri Krishna has done a great job. I promise that you will witness great craft work on screen. The entire crew has done a terrific job,” says Guru Somasundaram of Aaranya Kaandam and Jigarthanda fame.

“We have used live music and real musicians for the film. There is no electronic stuff. Joker is a world cinema and I realized that many elements in the film are universal. So, I wanted the music to be local as well as global. Thanks to Raju Murugan sir for giving me an opportunity like this. I have never experienced a democratic film like this. Joker is everyone’s film. It must be watched by everyone,” said music composer Sean Roldan.

“Today, everyone is scared to talk about politics. In this internet age, everyone talks about politics on social media and internet. But, none dare to speak openly about politics in cinema. I have been a journalist. I have written a lot of satirical columns, cartoons on politics. But when it comes to cinema, we have been apprehensive about talking real politics in cinema. Joker is a script that is written keeping all these in mind. A lot of stories have come in this genre. I would say that Joker will be the next level. It’s only because of the producer, the film has come alive today,” said director Raju Murugan of Cuckoo fame.

“Joker is an important, simplistic film. We keep talking about grand projects. But, I believe that real grandeur lies in simplicity. And, Joker is one such project. It will be a rewarding experience for film buffs,” said cinematographer Cheziyan, best known for his work in Paradesi. 

“I feel contented already that we are offering a quality cinema to viewers. We are eagerly waiting for the response of the audience. Thank you Raju Murugan sir and the entire cast and crew for their co-operation with us,” said SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures.

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