“Jil Jung Juck is a path breaking action comedy,” says Siddharth

Siddharth has announced his next film Jil Jung Juck, a high octane action comedy directed by a debutant called Deeraj Vaithy. “I am thrilled and proud to present my next film as an Actor and Producer. It is a first of its kind feature film in our industry; a path breaking action comedy. It is directed by a new director Deeraj Vaidy. The film is titled JIL JUNG JUCK. I am very confident it will be one of the most successful, innovative commercial films of recent times. I am also confident that it will one of the sensational music albums of the year.The film is complete and ready to reach its audience. Details regarding this films release will be announced soon,” says Siddharth.

“I have made the conscious decision to be more active with my production company starting in 2015. I hope to achieve two things with my efforts. First, I want to make high quality, entertaining feature films for my audience. These films must be on par with the technical standards we see in international cinema,and must be pictures our audience relates to and throngs to the cinemas to watch. Second, I wish to give opportunities to young, unrecognised talent. As a young man with no ancestors or roots in the film industry, I have made my own path, thanks to the opportunities I got at the right time. I hope to be able to find anew breed of talent to fill our cinema with their ideas and efforts,” he added.

Siddharth also added that he has more projects in the pipeline which will be announced soon. Jil Jung Juck has music composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar of Inam fame.

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