Jailer Audio Launch: Superstar Rajinikanth starrer gains major excitement after grand event!

The audio launch of Jailer took place in a grand manner at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai, where the entire team was present together and spoke about the journey so far. The album featuring 8 songs was also released, with Anirudh’s live performance of the song Hukum.

Thalaivar Rajinikanth entered the arena in his unique style, and hugged director Nelson with a tight pat on the back. This gesture showed his confidence on the film, and the event was lit up with the live performance of Tamannaah for the song Kaavalaa.

Speaking at the event, Vignesh Shivn said “Rajini sir, you have two daughters in Soundarya and Aishwarya. But you have a son too, and it is Anirudh. His work for your film is special always.”

“Rajini, you are my soulmate. I agreed to do the film just because of you. Nelson, you are sure to rock. Nelson treats me like a child, I gifted him a bike too because I like him a lot as a person,” said Jackie Shroff.

Director Nelson spoke about the starting point of the film, saying “I was very tensed during the start of Jailer. I even thought that they would remove me from the director. It was Thalapathy Vijay who supported me and pushed me to narrate. Poy sollu da, nalla irukum, he said. Till date, I dont understand whether Thalaivar is being sarcastic or genuine when he appreciates. To be honest, Jailer’s shoot was made up of both professional and indisciplined actors. On one hand, we had experienced and disciplined actors like Shivrajkumar and Mohanlal, while on the other, we had indisciplined actors like VTV Ganesh. Rajini sir helped me to manage them all, thank you sir.”

Superstar Rajinikanth wowed all the fans with his speech saying “There was a big gap after Annaatthe. The reason is because there were not many good scripts or directors. I rejected many stories and felt bad about, so I stopped listening to scripts itself. My career has been paved by my directors. Muthuraman, Mahendran, Suresh Krishna, Vasu, KS Ravikumar, Shankar, Pa Ranjith, Karthik Subbaraj and Nelson now. I heard many stories after Annaatthe. Many were like Annamalai or Baasha, and when directors turn one-liners into stories, they turn into something else. I saw Nelson’s Doctor and Coco, both are fantastic films. Nelson’s appointment was at 10, but he came at 12. He asked for a coffee, and then we started. He said a short version, and said he will elaborate after 10 days of Beast shoot. It was superb. After Beast, many told me that I should change the director. But I had a meeting with Sun Pictures team, they told me that Beast has negative reviews but is doing well at the box office.”

Speaking more, he said “Superstar title naale tholla dhan. I asked to remove the Superstar title long back. At that time, people told me that I am scared. But I am only scared of two things – God and good people. The curse of good people will always hurt us big time, we should’nt get to that. If there is no alcohol in the society, I would have served the society better. I am not saying to avoid it totally. Have alcohol when you want to have fun. Don’t drink regularly, it will spoil the life of life of you and people around you.”

Jailer is all set to hit the screens on the 10th of August and the audio launch event is expected to telecast next Sunday (Aug 5th) in Sun TV.

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