An interesting episode in Prabhu Solomon’s Kayal

Prabhu Solomon’s upcoming film Kayal has an interesting episode which he witnessed in real-life when he was shooting the film in Nagapattinam. Prabhu Solomon, who acquainted with a local, was moved by her story and eventually used in the film. “I met Gayathri in Nagapattinam. Her daughter had been born after five years of marriage and much prayer. When her daughter went missing in the tsunami, she never lost faith. She told herself that God wouldn’t take back what he had given. After weeks, she managed to find her daughter in a relief camp. I weaved this episode into Kayal,says Prabhu Solomon.

Kayal, featuring Anandhi and Chandran in lead roles, is all set to hit screens on December 26th. It is produced by Escape Artists Motion Pictures. The songs composed by Imman are rocking the charts already.

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