“I never meant to hurt Dhanshika or anyone for that matter”

Actor Viddharth, who was on stage as a silent spectator giggling at the proceedings when the recent T Rajendar – Sai Dhansika incident happened recently, has issued an apology statement.

I would like to give a clarification from my side regarding the issue happened at Vizhithiru press meet. We all grew up and took up acting looking up to people like T Rajendran sir. I have never seen TR sir hurting people like this and what happened to Dhansika shook all of us. It all started as a joke. TR sir is known for his rhyming and spontaneity when it comes to stages like this. He was, in fact, mocking other people on stage too, we all were in a feeling that it’s just fun and took it on a lighter and by the time we realised it was turning out to be serious, it was out of our hands. Me being on stage along with the other dignitaries couldn’t voice at the right time and I apologise for it. I never meant to hurt Dhanshika or anyone for that matter. I know her almost last 3 years and she is one gem of a person. I usually stay back for a little long during press meets & audio launches to address the press, but after all, what happened at the meet I was so much in guilt and immediately left the place. I still feel that I could have reacted then and there and I sincerely apologise to Dhanshika for it. We all are like a family and juniors like us surely need to support from all the seniors and press. We are obliged for your support always.

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