I have a very subtle and cherubic character in Mr. Chandramouli – Varu Sarathkumar

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s career so far has been a unique one of sorts. After making her debut as a flashy heroine in Podaa Podi, her career has mostly travelled on the alternate path with many different roles. Only Kollywood caught up with the actress for a short interaction on her upcoming releases, right from the thriller Mr. Chandramouli to the biggie – Sarkar.

On her role in Mr. Chandramouli

I am playing a bubbly character in the film, though everything about it hasn’t been revealed yet. It is a different one for me, both in terms of my looks and onscreen behavior. Contrary to my other films, it is a very subtle and cherubic character.

A little bit on the film’s connect

Thiru has really crafted this film in a way that you will connect with at least one of the characters. I’m very blessed to spend some time with Karthik sir and Gautham Karthik, working in a film where they both are seen together for the first time. It’ll have a share of everything, be it romance or thrills or comedy.

On being busy in non-heroine roles

It’s all about how much I like the role. I go ahead if it interests me, I feel an actress should be able to do everything. After Vikram Vedha, Sathya did well. Then I had two releases in Malayalam, and now this year, I have Chandramouli, Maari-2, Sandakozhi-2, Kanni Raasi, Echarikkai, Velvet Nagaram and of course – the biggie.

Sarkar and the Vijay phenomenon

I really can’t reveal much about the film now. There are so many surprises in it. For now, I will tell you that it’s a great role, and it will do great things to my career. There’s a reason why they are building up the suspense, believe me, they didn’t even tell me the title until it was officially announced.

Working with multiple heroines in the same film

It’s all a myth that girls don’t get along. I’m working with Keerthy in Sarkar and Sandakozhi, and in Mr. Chandramouli – there’s Regina. We don’t have any hiccups at all.

Being a part of both the sequels – Maari and Sandakozhi

Both are very interesting films. Sandakozhi will be more of a loud and furious role, with strong dialogues and stuff like that. Let my role in Maari-2 be a surprise!

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