‘I’ final runtime revealed!

Few locations in the UK have already opened bookings for Shankar’s magnum opus starring Vikram in three stunningly different avatars and the gorgeous Amy Jackson. The final running time of the film is revealed to be 188 minutes (3 Hours and 8 Minutes). Also, is the first Tamil film to get simultaneous release in three different languages including Telugu and Hindi in the UK. Producer Aascar Ravichandran is releasing the film directly in the UK and targets for a maximum number of screens for a Tamil film ever.

Shankar’s films have always been close to three hours running time. Interetingly, Sivaji’s running time is also 188 minutes. The duration of Shankar’s previous films like Endhiran – 177 minutes, Nanban – 189 minutes, Anniyan – 181 minutes stand testimony to his penchant for long running time.

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