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“Gypsy will be an important film in Jiiva’s career,” says Rajumurugan


Speaking at the press meet of Gypsy, director Raju Murugan said the film will be an important one in Jiiva’s career.

“When we thought what will serve as an identity to this film, we wanted something like this song to be its identity. Therefore, I wanted to showcase such a song to you. I wish to thank Producer Ambedkumar sir, who is the first and foremost reason for the creation of this film. If I did not get a producer like him, I wouldn’t have been able to make such a film now. I might have made it sometime later but I wouldn’t have been able to make it now. He has spent a lot as the expenses were more because this is a travel film. He co-operated a lot. One other important reason for this film getting made is Yugabharathi.”

Giving out more details about the film, Raju Murugan said, “Jiiva being the hero of this film is one of the important reasons for this film moving to a valuable position. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to make it at this budget and with this kind of space. Jiiva has stood by us. This is a completely heroic film. It is a very fair film. This is not a political film. This film is not based on caste or on an organization or an entity. As far as I am concerned, life and politics aren’t two different entities. My invites had music director Santosh Narayanan as being referred to Thozhar (Comrade) Santosh Narayanan. Immediately, people asked me, ‘You have made Santosh Narayanan a comrade’. Thozhar is one of the most magnificent words. It is not based on a party. It is a word for love. It can be used to refer to anybody who fights for justice. It can be used for anybody who takes a stand against injustice. They are all Thozhars. In this movie, Gypsy is a Thozhan.”

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