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Gypsy will be a reality check for many people, says Jiiva

Actor Jiiva, who plays the lead role in Gypsy, is quite upbeat about the film. Talking about the movie directed by Raju Murugan of Joker fame, Jiiva said, “My reaction when this story was narrated to me the very first time itself, was that this was a very fair and sincere story. There was a truth to it. Raju Murugan sir narrated this story to me at my home. He only narrated a line. He said, ‘A folk singer travels all across the country and then how he turns into a rebel singer. The reason for this change is love. He goes in search of his love.’ This is a humanity based film. This film is about celebrating humanness and nature. This film will be a reality check for many people. They will be able to relate to it. We have tried to say that all people are the one and the same. The human emotions are the same.”

He further added: “I have acted with a horse in this film. The horse was with me through the film. They wanted me to sport a particular get up for this film. I had to sport that Gypsy look. I had to train to handle the horse. We traveled extensively across the country. Every frame will be beautiful and it will tell a story by itself.”

Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music for the film, which is gearing up for release soon.

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