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Very Very Bad
Manamengum Maaya Oonjal
Theevira Vyaadhi
Aasai Mugam
Ullam Uruguthaiyaa

Rich, delightfully constructed soundtrack.

With lot of music styles and various singers, Gypsy is a diverse, wildly intriguing soundtrack from Santhosh Narayanan. Though there are some misfires, the whole theme of the film has been conveyed nicely through the songs, and it should help the film’s narration gallop ahead with more energy.

Cast: Jiiva, Natasha Singh

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Lyrics: Yugabarathi, Raju Murugan, Arivu

Director: Raju Murugan

Very Very Bad: Singer – Pradeep Kumar, Santhosh Narayanan

Despite the intriguing lyrics, this is a song that never catches on because of its musical misfiring. Will be great if it stays as a promo song, because it isn’t nice to have this in a film of this kind.

Kaathellam: Singer – Pradeep Kumar

Starting off out of thin air, the song has a very simple base with the actual instrumentations coming into play fully only at the interludes. This is a track I liked in parts, as it does get slightly repetitive after a point.

Desaandhiri: Singers – Santhosh Narayanan, Siddharth

A very fulfilling composition that lovely to listen to. Santhosh Narayanan puts more attention at creating the aura of the song, rather than giving space to the structure. The two-levelled singing pattern with Santhosh Narayanan and Siddharth works out well too. Our PICK.

Manamengum Maaya Oonjal: Singers – Dhee, Ananthu, Haricharan

This is such a beautiful tribute to Ilaiyaraaja’s Konji Konji Alaigal Oda. Right from the start, the amalgamation of the vocals takes place wonderfully and that is because they sound strikingly different from each other. The classical interludes are a value addition, this is another PICK.

Theevira Vyaadhi: Singer – Arivu 

Stylish, rap track that stands out in style when compared to the rest of the album. Great work on the lyrics, but not something that is catchy or addictive.

Venpura: Singer – TM Krishna

Just like Manidhi in Iraivi, Santhosh Narayanan churns out an ecstatic, energetic anthem-like number with music and lines that hold your attention instantly. The raises, especially the ‘Vaa Venpura’ are top class. Best track of the album, this. Our PICK.

Aasai Mugam: Singer – Susheela Raman

Being a westernized version of the famous devotional track, Susheela Raman hands it an interesting rendition. Neat.

Ullam Uruguthaiyaa: Singer – Susheela Raman

Similar to the previous track, this is also a reprise of the much-loved song from the yesteryears. Once again, it’s the way it has been sung that makes it worth a listen.

Gypsy Songs Review Rating: 3.5/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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