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GV Prakash Interview: “Sema is a light-hearted film to enjoy with your family and friends”


After starting his career as a musician and then moving on to becoming an actor, GV Prakash is one artist who has always been busy in the industry. On Friday, the actor has his second release of the year – Sema, a comic family entertainer following his highly acclaimed drama Naachiyaar at the start of this year. Only Kollywood caught up with the actor for a short conversation on his upcoming projects.

Thoughts on Sema

Sema is a genre changeover for me, shifting to the rural side which I have not done so far. Pandiraj sir was the one who brought me this script, which I found to be a fun-filled one with loads of laughter and family emotions. It will be a light-hearted film to enjoy with your family and friends.

Post-Naachiyaar scenes

Naachiyaar has definitely become one of the most important films of my career. Many upcoming projects such as Vijay’s thriller, Sasi’s relationship drama and Vasanthabalan’s hard-hitting slice-of-life film, have come to me because of people noticing me as a performer in Naachiyaar.

Sarvam Thaala Maayam, a hugely challenging film

It was a very challenging film for me definitely, because of the classes that I had to go and learn to play the drums and mridangam to the T. Rajeev sir is a perfectionist, and he crafted a high-quality film that will be a celebration of music. Not only music, even topics like Dalit politics have been addressed in the film. With AR Rahman sir’s music being an added advantage, it will be another landmark film in my graph.

The film is completely ready. A particular version of it is being screened at Cannes, Rajiv sir is attending the event too. During the release, there will be a big campaign for the film. We might have a Telugu, Hindi and English version too!

On the Suriya film with Sudha Kongara

It will be a very interesting film. I’ve done all types of films until now in my career, but this will still be a class apart. We’ve almost arrived at the songs for the film already.

Continuing as a composer despite turning a new leaf as a busy actor

I will continue to compose music for films, only if they are ready to wait for me. My acting commitments should not affect the progress of the project, I don’t want to be blamed at the end. If they bring me on board 4 months before the actual start of the film, I will be able to give them my best. Suriya38 works exactly on those grounds, and that’s why it is my only composing project at the moment.

On being a workaholic, staying busy every day

In the last few years, I’m working every day. I’ve become such a workaholic. Every single day, I’m either shooting, composing or hitting the gym. At the same time, I also make it a point to attend the Nadigar Sangam meetings and get to know what is happening in the industry.

Working with AL Vijay

After Bala sir, AL Vijay is one director who always concentrates on reactions. I’m having a lovely time. Since he knows me well, he corrects my flaws and gets the best out of me. It’s a huge learning curve for me. I will talk more about it closer to release.

Release pattern of GVP’s upcoming films

In Kollywood, the completion of a shoot is something easy to arrive at, but the release schedule is not in our hand. Take my case, where I have completed the shoot for four of my films, but I cannot even guess when they will hit the screens. TFPC is doing its job well by arranging the release regulation committee to organize things, I’m sure all the hanging issues will be sorted out soon.



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