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Gulu Gulu Movie Review

Gulu Gulu is further proof of Rathna Kumar’s versatility as a director. It works to a good extent despite the lags and overdose of madcap humor. Below goes our Gulu Gulu Movie Review.

Dark comedy ride Gulu Gulu is a fresh outing for Santhanam

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Gulu Gulu Movie Review

Gulu Gulu is arguably the most experimental among Santhanam’s films as a lead hero. The actor plays Google (Gulu Bhai), who is a free-spirited, kind-hearted roamer who is always game to help people. He extends the same kindness towards animals too. Santhanam’s rugged, shaggy look for the film suits his nomadic existence. His car and all the props associated with him have been nicely picked. Gulu Bhai’s adventurous life is made more crazy and topsy-turvy after he gets involved with a gang of young friends, a gang of old kidnappers (Srilankan Tamils) & a pair of crazy brothers who are after their step sister.

If you are a fan of peculiar, oddball, outrageous dark comedy, you’ll tend to like Gulu Gulu better. The film carries a runtime of 2 hours 30 minutes and it does go through its dips, particularly in the 2nd half. The PUBG angle and the shootout involving the Chinese gamers stretches it too far. Such moments might take you out of the film but it keeps throwing good stretches of fun. The emotional side to Google’s character, his sentiments involving his mother, language and homeland, are further likable aspects of the film. The already viral sneak peek is among the best sequences in the film, with the cop constantly after Google after that point.

Santhosh Narayanan’s ‘Inner Peace’ number is like the soul of the film and describes Santhanam’s character. ‘Anbarey’ is another fine number which has been filmed beautifully. ‘Amma Nah Nah’ is another wacky number from SaNa.

Rathna Kumar comes across as a versatile filmmaker again. Gulu Gulu is far different from his earlier two films Meyaadha Maan and Aadai. Though the screenplay isn’t consistently engaging, Gulu Gulu is worth checking out in theaters. It falls in the Soodhu Kavvum dark comedy space but the presence of Santhanam is the fresh aspect of the film. Gulu Gulu Movie Review by Kaushik LM

Gulu Gulu Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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