Guardian Movie Review

Hansika’s Guardian directed by Guru Saravanan is a template horror thriller that tries to spook the audience with the usual elements that we have already seen in Tamil cinema. The film has an interesting plot where a woman gets everything that she wishes for, but ultimately goes on to find out that she is possessed. However, the presentation and the execution of the film hardly have anything going for it.

The film starts off in an interesting manner and there are some events that manage to pique our attention to an extent. But as it moves deeper and deeper into the storyline, we start to realize that there is hardly anything more than the spookiness that it provides, and the film does not help itself further with the goriness in the second half.

Hansika’s performance in the film is quite nice and she is very comfortable in both the funny and the serious parts of the film. There are a lot of scenes with Mottai Rajendran which work well for the film, and save it from being a boring affair.

However, director Guru Saravanan could have worked more on the writing of the film and tried to add more novel elements into it. In totality, Guardian is a decent horror revenge thriller for core fans of the genre.

Verdict: A mildly engaging horror thriller featuring Hansika’s nice performance. 

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