Arimapatti Sakthivel Movie Review

Ramesh Kandhasamy’s Arimapatti Sakthivel is a barely engaging film that falls into the done-and-dusted caste-based dramas of Tamil cinema. The film featuring the producer Pavan K in the lead tries to tell a story of a man who marries out of his caste, and the repercussions that he has to face from his community.

The storyline of Arimapatti Sakthivel is something that has been tried and done over a 100 times in Tamil cinema, and there is hardly any novelty factor that the film has to offer. To top it, the problem with the film is that none of the characters are relatable and there is nothing much to say about the performances either. The film logs one tried-and-tested scenario on top of the other, and only banks on its supporting characters – seasoned actors such as Charlie and Birla Bose take on the majority of the screen weight.

Director Ramesh Kandhasamy could have focused more on bringing the elements of the film more close to life, and could have incorporated a couple of shocking moments in the storyline which would have made it more affecting. Rather, he has delivered a very everyday tale to the audiences which does not gather more attention than another headline on the 10th page of a newspaper.

Verdict: A middling caste-based drama. 

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