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Silu Silu Silu Sil
Vilayadu Magane
Neengalum Oorum
Silu Silu Silu Sil (Kids Version)
Silu Silu Silu Sil

Simple and pleasing soundtrack!

After his golden run this year, Yuvan gets us a melodious and harmless soundtrack in Genius. It may not match up to the range of the musician’s combo with the director, but still has its pleasant parts.

Cast: Roshan

Muisc: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Director: Suseenthiran

Label: U1 Records 

Silu Silu Silu Sil: Singers – Al Rufian

A fairly simple organization from Yuvan that has some nice flute additions to a light EDM background. Al Rufian returns after Secret Window for a real good rendition. Our PICK.

Vilayadu Magane: Singers – Priya Hemesh, Srivardhini, Surmukhi, Sam, Pawan, Senthildass

Typecast motivational track from Yuvan with a long list of singers. Nothing great, not bad either.

Neengalum Oorum: Singers – Srikanth, Priya Mali

Adequately listenable number that could have done with better vocalists. The song however has a nice transition halfway when it shifts from a male to a female rendition, nice twist there. Our PICK.

Silu Silu Silu Sil (Kids Version): Singers – Praneeth, Sindhuja, Priyadharshini, Dharshini, Akash, Adharsh

Child’s version of the first track, works in parts and is nowhere near to the original.

Silu Silu Silu Sil: Singer – Sadhana Sargam

The same track has a third version here. Sadhana Sargam comes to the fore in Yuvan’s music after a long time, to good effect.

Genius Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas