Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi together shine in this hilarious entertainer worth watching! Here goes our Gatta Kusthi Movie Review.

Gatta Kusthi Movie Review

A lively and satisfying family entertainer filled with LOL moments!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

For quite a while in Tamil cinema, the formula of a proper village comedy entertainer hadn’t been cracked, and something or the other would go missing when directors attempt to tell stories in a hilarious fashion. But finally, someone has belled the cat and it is none other than the combo of Vishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lekshmi and Chella Ayyavu who have delivered with Gatta Kusthi, an entertaining family drama with a sports element that clicks.

Veera (Vishnu) a male chauvinist, is a happy youngster who has just two main expectations for his wife – she should have long hair and should have done less schooling than him. A crossroad between Veera’s uncle and Keerthi’s (Aishwarya Lakhsmi) uncle bring the couple together. Veera continues to live life on his terms but little does he know that Keerthi is stronger than what he thought at first, and there are loads of surprises and learnings coming up for him in life.

Gatta Kusthi hails forward with a terrific first half that is hilarious from top to toe – there are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments that will click with the masses for sure. Right from the time that both the hero and heroine meet, the film picks up big time and entertains very well. The argument scene between husbands and wives is a laugh riot, and the interval block is easily the best scene in the film. In the second half, the film moves towards the road of Veera’s redemption and the sports angle comes in. Though there are dull moments here and there, the film does not get enveloped by its flaws and still continues to deliver the laughs through Kingsley’s comics and the narrative which is always packed with cool one liners. At the end, Gatta Kusthi gives the feeling of watching a proper comic entertainer.

Vishnu Vishal has done a really good job and his comic timing here works out better than what we have seen in his other films. It is really a tough yet brave decision to both act and produce this film, playing second fiddle almost throughout and also letting the other characters shine. Aishwarya Lekshmi exhibits that she is in her purple patch, proving the talent that she always brings forward. It is her best role in Tamil cinema till date.

The film has a very good support cast – it is refreshing to see Karunaas in a full-fledged role while Kaali Venkat and Muniskanth do bring forward the goods in great fashion. Special mentions to Kingsley, Hareesh Peraadi and Lissy Anthony who also manage to grab some claps from audiences.

Richard M Nathan’s camerawork is a huge plus to the film and mounts it on a scale that is bigger than what it would have seemed at first. The film also benefits from the slick editing by GK Prasanna and the music by Justin Prabhakaran – Chal Chakka is a beauty onscreen.

On the whole, Gatta Kusthi is a worthy entertainer that will give you a great time at the cinemas. If you feel that it has been a long time since you laughed out along with your family in theatres, this is the end of the wait.  Gatta Kusthi Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Gatta Kusthi Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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