Enemy Movie Review

Vishal and Arya are impressive in this brisk and engaging ride. Below goes our Enemy Movie Review.

Enemy Movie Review

A racy and intriguing action thriller.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Anand Shankar’s Enemy is a brisk and engaging action thriller that opts for a commercialized screenplay instead of a straightforward, no-nonsense one, coming out as a clean watch for the full runtime that it has. The film makes very good use of its two stars, giving them roles loaded with equal weights of brain and brawn, resulting in a fast-moving thriller that delivers the goods.

Enemy is based on the story of Chozhan (Vishal) and Rajiv (Arya), two friends who later turn foes and fight it out against each other. The film stresses on the parenting that the duo had in their early days, with veterans in Prakash Raaj and Thambi Ramaiah doing the honours. Anand Shankar sets up the stage interestingly with his 20-minute flashback sequence in the beginning, which helps the film register its aims and move forward with a motive. There is lots to like in how it picks up speed once Arya’s character re-enters the frame in the first half, and then locks horns with Vishal. The first half is busy dilly-dallying between the rest of the cast and the lead duo, but the second half is a systematic and well-executed thriller that pumps up the momentum with racy action sequences and a good brand of emotions.

Vishal brings out a convincing performance in the lead role, as he has lots to do in the film including song sequences. The actor is particularly spectacular in the action blocks. Arya offers excellent support, playing the negative role to perfection and also carrying out the fight sequences in the right way.

Thambi Ramaiah and Prakash Raaj are both assets to Enemy, guiding the film through its ulterior thought and making it a happening affair at both ends. The film’s female characters in Mrinalini Ravi and Mamta Mohandas have little to do, but ensure they are not overdoing their parts.

Thaman’s songs are a plus to Enemy, with Tum Tum and Pathala being shot in a grand manner and looking good on screen. Sam CS does a decent job with his background score which is stylish and fitting to the film but feels like one and the same when the proceedings move ahead.

Overall, Enemy is a clean action thriller that does not tick all the boxes, but still ends up as a satisfying ride. The film has a lot of action packed into it, so it is sure to interest audiences who are game for such thrillers. Anand Shankar makes a compelling comeback after NOTA, making the right use of two stars and their strengths.  Enemy Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Enemy Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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