Annaatthe Movie Review

Superstar Rajinikanth breathes energy into this commercial entertainer! Down goes our Annaatthe Movie Review.

Annaatthe Movie Review

A middling family entertainer led by Rajinikanth's energy!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

When it comes to a Superstar Rajinikanth film, the word ‘complete’ starts to make a lot more sense. Setting expectations across all age groups, the star comes in as a generous entertainer who has his own style when it comes to delivering the weight of a film. But with his latest release in Annaatthe, it is clear that Rajinikanth takes it on himself again to entertain audiences whilst getting minimal support from the others around and ahead of him.

Annaatthe largely banks on the brother sister relationship between Superstar Rajinikanth and Keerthy Suresh onscreen, as the film goes ahead on the story of how the elder brother finds a proper husband for his sister, and the events that come on the way. The first half is largely packed with comic sequences with a goose bump filled interval block, but it is the second half which is partly engaging and dragging. What’s disappointing here is on how Siva’s strength which was churning out interesting action sequences hasn’t worked largely.

It’s been years since we have seen the Superstar in such a rural outing, and he rules the roost from the very first scene in his own style. The mischief and the frolic that we usually associate with his earlier films such as Padayappa and Muthu is back and roaring here, as we get to see him performing the right ‘Rajinisms’.

Offering very good support is Keerthy Suresh, who is the film’s second main character. It is the dependable Prakash Raj who comes in for a good segment, making us wish it was longer. The rest of the support cast led by Meena and Khushbu are fine, giving the film what it needs. However, the villains in the film are very weak, offering no excitement against Rajinikanth.

Vetri’s visuals are a plus to the film, but his work is sometimes bobbed down by the weak CGI that makes the scene an eyesore. Ruben’s editing is neat, but Imman’s songs and score are middling, with the re-recording resembling TV serials.

Overall, Annaatthe works out as a templated family entertainer that has nothing special going for it except for Superstar Rajinikanth’s screen presence and energy levels.  Annaatthe Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Annaatthe Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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