Enai Noki Paayum Thota Songs Review

Team Credits
  • Cast: Dhanush, Megha Akash
  • Music: Darbuka Siva
  • Lyrics: Thamarai, Aaryan Dinesh, Thamizhanangu, Madhan Karky
  • Direction: Gautham Vasudev Menon
  • Label: Ondraga Entertainment

Review Overview

Naan Pizhaippeno
Thirudaadhe Thirudaadhe
Adadaa Naana
Hey Nijame
Poi Varavaa
Maruvaarthai – Unplugged

Absolutely addictive, enchanting set of tunes!

Maruvaarthai: Singer – Sid Sriram 👍

One of those songs which make you crazy, even when you hear it for the zillionth time. Darbuka Siva just made a masterstroke when he caught hold of this fantastic tune, gave it an EDM twist and let Sid Sriram take care of the raises. This is easily one of the best songs we’ve heard this decade, with not even a single note letting it down. Our PICK.

Naan Pizhaippeno: Singer – Sathyaprakash 👍

Another excellent dance track that gets its organization straight and clean. Sathyaprakash simply rocks the high-flying moments of the song, which come coupled with a heaven-like synth. The next PICK.

Visiri: Singer – Sid Sriram 👍

There’s a sweet and gentle feeling that this song brings, and that’s because of Sid Sriram’s vocals breaching into the lullaby-like quarters. More like a dream song, with lyrics that do nothing but embrace you. Another PICK.

Thirudaadhe Thirudaadhe: Singers – Jonita Gandhi, Karthik, ADK

This is Gautham Menon’s throwback to his much-loved Ennai Konjam Maatri, giving us a full-on freak out song indeed. Like the party songs which play out in Hollywood’s high school gatherings, this one is packed with great vocals, cute lines and a very happy mood. Wait for Karthik’s portion which leads you into the hook, the best part of the song. However, just like Thalli Pogathey, ADK’s part is a bummer.

Adadaa Naana: Singer – Nakul Abhyankar 

If it was Visiri for the first part of the album, it is Adadaa Naana for the second part. Another extremely likable melody that feels like a cool breeze throughout. With the use of the saxophone, things get better. Credit to his Nakul Abhyankar for his flawless rendition too.

Hey Nijame: Singer – Bombay Jayashri 👍

Darbuka Siva attains a highly matured position with this wonderful track that actually begins for the better by the middle. There’s a fantastic shloka-like portion at the end that puts you in harmony, thanks to Bombay Jayashri’s vocals. Great stuff again, here’s another PICK.  

Poi Varavaa: Singer – Bombay Jayashri 

An extension of the previous track, with a dejected feel to it. Short, but should definitely be effective with the film.

Maruvaarthai – Unplugged and Restrung Versions 

It’s good to see the hit song being reformed into different ways, but the original still stays strong. Sid Sriram aces all the three versions though, and that’s something.

Albums like ENPT come only once in a blue moon, giving us a set of songs which we can listen to on repeat, without skipping even one. For sure, ENPT stands tall as a competitor for the BEST album of the year, with Darbuka Siva being the go-to man for excellent love songs. Positivity all over. Siddarth Srinivas

Enai Noki Paayum Thota Songs Review Rating: 4/5

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