Eeswaran Movie Review

STR and Thaman contribute well to this typecast entertainer! Below goes our Eeswaran Movie Review.

Eeswaran Movie Review

A passable entertainer that is lit up by STR’s presence!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Susienthiran’s films have been off the mark for the past few years, but when the actor teamed up with Silambarasan TR who is making his return to cinema, there was some level of excitement. Eeswaran has arrived on the Pongal day, how good is the film?

Eeswaran tells us the story of the protagonist, who is a friendly caretaker in the village for an elderly man played by Bharathiraja. As the man’s family is completely staying in the city, he has no one in the village and completely depends on Eeswaran and a couple of other friends for company. As his family makes a return for the festive event, the coronavirus pandemic strikes and forces them to stay back. But problems arise in different ways for the family, bringing the most powerful man to the forefront to fight for the family.

Susienthiran’s story is as old as the hills and has nothing new going for it, as he has derived his plot from Arjun’s Ezhumalai and the backdrops of the recent Pandiraj, Siva films. The template of a mass entertainer has been stuck to, with the ensemble cast and the song-dance-fight format too. However, it is STR who pumps in the energy into the film and keeps us entertained with his eccentric style. Though it cannot be called as a great performance, it is something that makes the film good to watch at least. Niddhi Agerwal gets to play the female lead and is a fine fit, while Bala Saravanan and Bharathiraja are the other members of the cast who are worth mentioning.

Eeswaran’s second hero of the film is definitely Thaman, who upholds the film with his massy score that makes the film feel grander than it is. However, it does get a little too jarring in the second half. Tirru’s cinematography isn’t spectacular either, but it gives the film a glossy feeling, especially in the songs.

On the whole, Eeswaran is a passable entertainer that has been packed up in a short span of time, keeping in mind the limitations during the pandemic. Susienthiran’s efforts are sort of lethargic, but it is STR’s who makes up for that energy and makes this a time-pass outing. Eeswaran Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Eeswaran Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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