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Bhoomi Movie Review

Jayam Ravi delivers another good performance in his landmark 25th outing, but the film doesn’t manage to hold attention for long. Down goes our Bhoomi Movie Review

Jayam Ravi’s Bhoomi lands as his 25th film, which has come straight to Disney+Hotstar VIP. The film is directed by Lakshman, who is working with the actor again after Romeo Juliet and Bogan.

Bhoomi has the star coming back from his work at NASA for a vacation at his village, only to learn the corporate game played here and how his neighbours and people of the village have been affected by the problems. After some unfortunate events take place, Bhoomi decides to take the problem into his own hands using methods and ideas that he learnt at his time in NASA. And in the process, he also has to overthrow the baddie Richard King.

Bhoomi goes on and on as a cliched drama which follows the usually treaded path in Tamil cinema. The concept of having a man coming back from a foreign land to solve troubles here isn’t new, and the way in which the film rolls is full of predictability. Jayam Ravi as Bhoomi takes up the majority of the attention in the film, with all of the good dialogues going to him too. The actor delivers another good performance in his career, but it is quite baffling to see that he has picked such a film for his landmark outing. Niddhi Agarwal does a decent job as the heroine, while Ronit Roy as Richard King is a complete misfit to the film.

Dudley’s cinematography has some really good camera angles and visuals which mount the film on a big stage. Imman’s music is a good addition to the film, but the same cannot be said about his background score which has a lot of rough patches.

On the whole, Bhoomi is a mixed bag from Jayam Ravi – the actor gets to perform a good mass-centric role but the film has nothing going for it in terms of the novelty or anything interesting that it misses out on delivering.

Verdict: A formulaic social drama! 

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