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Don Movie Review

Sivakarthikeyan is back with a happy entertainer that is fun while it lasts, ending on an emotional note! Here goes our Don Movie Review.

A neat and tidy entertainer where Sivakarthikeyan and Samuthirakani score big!

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Don Movie Review

Debutant director Cibi Chakaravarthi’s Don is a neat and tidy entertainer that flows in a likable fashion from start to finish. The film does not offer something special or new in any way, but sticks to a jolly mood and has an emotional high at the end.

Don is the story of Chakaravarthi, a college student whose main aim to find his aim in life and pursue the same. The film showcases his college life, and how he along with his friends find different ways to torture the staff of the college and get their job done. Most of Don feels like it is happening in a world of its own, with college rules broken to bits and pieces for the sake of fun, and the film rolling at its own pace for close to two hours. However, Don manages to find its footing superbly in the final stretch, where it catapults a rollercoaster of emotions and becomes a film that is entirely different to what we’ve seen for two thirds. The last 40 minutes of Don is its biggest win, with the father-son sentiment working wonders and ending the film on a great note.

Sivakarthikeyan delivers another solid performance in the film, and it is superb to see the range that he handles over the timeline of the events here. While the comic side is his comfort zone, he also emotes beautifully towards the end of the film without overdoing even an iota of it.

The actor specifically rules the roost in his portions with Samuthirakani, who is the second hero of the film, doing a fantastic job as expected. Kani is easily flying through any role these days, becoming an actor who arrests the audiences with his presence onscreen. SJ Suryah is his usual self in the film, without having something special to do, while Priyanka Mohan continues her power-saving heroine mode, with both cute and emotional moments alongside Sivakarthikeyan. The rest of the cast is filled with a lot of names who all do justice to the film.

Bhaskaran’s cinematography is bright and beautiful, capturing all the sides of college life with uniform sense. Anirudh has lesser work to do here than his other recent outings, but he scores well with the songs which are a given for a Sivakarthikeyan film.

Toting up, Don may not bring something extraordinary or innovative, but will help you pass time with a really good message coming to the fore at the end.  Don Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Don Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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