Ayngaran Movie Review

GV Prakash does a good job in Raviarasu’s intriguing thriller. Down goes our Ayngaran Movie Review.

Ayngaran Movie Review

A racy and engaging thriller

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

GV Prakash’s Ayngaran is an intriguing thriller based on ideas and elements from the engineering scene, nicely put together. The film targets the troubles faced by a talented engineering student who keeps inventing new things, and how his brains come to use when a big problem arises in his locality.

GV Prakash plays Mathi, an engineering student who invents new forms of technology which would be useful in society. However, his new introductions are dissed by the officer and he continues to work on other things. When he falls into trouble with a local poultry farm owner, he also comes face to face with a team of robbers who have just robbed a bank. How these three people get intertwined in the story is the crux of Ayngaran, which packs in a racy screenplay and is on the run from start to finish. The film does not move into too much of unbelievable quarters, and is busy with its narrative that has space for emotions, a decent load of action, and importantly – engineering.

GV Prakash is effective in the role of Mathi, and must be appreciated for picking this role that suits him well. The actor handles good dialogue delivery and emotes well in the important second half of the film, which has a lot of neatly made scenes for him. The film has decent performances otherwise from the rest of the cast.

Raviarasu’s narrative is nicely done with lot of interesting ideas that help the film gain attention right from the beginning. The fact that Ayngaran is a dated film that has been shot quite a while back is seen here and there, but that does not affect the big picture and that’s a good thing.  Ayngaran Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Ayngaran Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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