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Comali will be a relatable film for audiences, says director Pradeep

Director Pradeep Ranganathan is quite upbeat about his debut feature Comali, which stars Jayam Ravi and Kajal Aggarwal as leads and releases worldwide today.

Talking about the film, Pradeep said in an official statement, “It’s really heart-warming to see everyone appreciating me, but the actual credit goes to the entire team. Right from Jayam Ravi sir to Kajal Aggarwal madam and Hip-hop Aadhi brother, they have treated me like their younger brother. During some challenges and hardships, they have stood and guided me, which has helped me work better. My unconditional thanks go to Ishari K Ganesh sir for believing in a newcomer like me. I thank the art department for being a great pillar in erecting some of the challenging set works, especially the creation of Chennai floods.”

While talking about the core concept of the film, director Pradeep Ranganathan says, “By now, everyone is aware of what Comali is all about. It has fun, entertainment and at the same time, we have tried conveying a small emotional quotient on human values. Comali will be a film that each and everyone can relate with, especially the ones from the 90s, who have been experiencing a mammoth change in every walk of life.”

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