What is the central plot of Vikram- Shankar’s Ai?

Shankar’s AI has been the talk of the tinsel town for the past few days. Even those who watched the rough-cut teaser could not guess the film’s story or the basic plot. But, from gathered inputs about the teaser, it is clear that Vikram appears in four different looks – the stylish, dapper-looking dude, a muscular body-builder, a crippled, defaced look and also as a werewolf.

Earlier, when the film was on the initial stages of shooting, it was reported that Vikram plays an ambitious athelete in the film. Now going by the teaser reports everywhere, it is likely that Vikram plays the role of a body-builder in the film. Shankar has a long history of dealing with corruption in his films. May be in Ai, he could have opted for the rampant corruption/competition in sports. Vikram’s crippled look suggests that he could be a victim of a medical experiment gone awry. The werewolf look of Vikram could be the result of hypertrichosis, an abnorma amount of hair growth over the body. A more wild version of hypertrichosis is called as werewolf syndrome in medical term. Considering that the film is pre-dominantly shot in China, the plot could also deal with the competition between two countries and how one tries to suppress the other. So, keep guessing 🙂

Shankar is keeping the plot of Ai as a treasure trove for the past 2 years and 8 months. But now, its time for speculaitons to take the centrestage.

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