Celluloid representation of Kadaikutty Singam on farming products become a reality

Karthi starrer Kadaikutty Singam produced by Surya for 2D Entertainment was released before a couple of weeks and is faring well in box office. Apart from routine stereotypical reports on advertisements, the film has been getting testimonies from the ordinary audience to theatre owners of how it has pulled family audiences into theatres.

There was something more attractive about the film even prior to release, which was the sneak peek. The scene revolves around the protagonist (Karthi) arguing with a private bus conductor that farmers shouldn’t be charged for carrying their agricultural products and places them inside the bus along with the old lady who had been standing under the sun for hours to carry it to other places.

Well, what’s more intriguing is that the scenario has become a reality, where Tamil Nadu Government has passed a new order that agricultural products can be transported through buses at free of cost.  The entire team of ‘Kadaikutty Singam’ is so much delighted about this development.

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