Care of Kaadhal Movie Review

Care of Kaadhal is an amalgamation of love that will keep you engaged. Here goes our Care of Kaadhal Movie Review.

Care of Kaadhal Movie Review

A gentle and moving feel-good tale.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Hemambar Jasti’s Care of Kaadhal is a lovely and lilting tale on love, that brings together four stories on love across different ages.

The film tells us four interconnected tales that happen in the same locality, with people of all ages starting to express their likings. The film starts off with a 49-year-old person who has been unmarried all his life, a school kid and his little love story, a thug and also a liquor shop worker finding their soulmates. Throughout the film, different viewpoints on common topics in the society such as religion, faith and so on, with the climax being the highpoint of the whole tale. Jasti makes sure that the film’s pacing is just as right, following the track of the original in terms of its visual cues and the tropes too.

The film’s performances are something that fit the bill perfectly, as we get introduced to the characters over the course of the first half and then get connected with their travails and troubles.

Vetri Sudley of Jiivi fame comes up with an impressive act here, making a mark within the screen time that he has in hand. Deepan and Palani are also good, while the female cast in Arya, Shwetha and Mumtaz do a great job and make us bring the film’s ideals in line with ours.

The film’s technicalities mirror that of the original, with the neat camerawork managing to capture the interesting incidents right. The music of the film does not do great things, but keeps the baton rolling throughout with some mild cues.

Hemambar Jasti’s work in Care of Kaadhal makes it a faithful remake that does justice to the original. But, the slow pacing of the film in the first half and the background work done to represent the localities could have been better. Nevertheless, this is a neat film that will keep the momentum going throughout and definitely put a smile on your face. Care of Kaadhal Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Care of Kaadhal Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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