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Captain Movie Review

Arya keeps it going in this slightly watchable action thriller! Below goes our Captain Movie Review.

Shakti Soundar Rajan is a director who always finds a way to bring in concepts that we’ve only seen in Hollywood to Tamil cinema, and once again, he exhibits the idea of aliens and extra-terrestrial beings into his latest film in Captain starring Arya in the lead.

The film has a storyline where a group of army men infiltrate Sector 42, a no-fly zone where a group of creatures known as minotaurs are currently living. As Arya and his team get inside the area and explore, they lose their team-mate who is then labelled as a traitor. In order to prove everybody wrong and save his friend’s name, Arya and his team dive deeper into the area, only to get up and close with the minotaurs.

Captain has an interesting premise where there is a lot of scope to execute something really big and interesting. However, Shakti Soundar Rajan’s writing here is dry and there are hardly any clap-worthy moments that the director is able to bring about onscreen. The film hops forward from point to point until the interval, with the emotional beats not landing right either. After the interval point, it gets all the more interesting with few scenes here and there, however, the end product is not convincing as it should be.

Captain has quite a compelling performance from Arya, who is good in the action scenes as usual. The actor has a set of young ones around him, with Bharat Raj managing to make an impression.

Aishwarya Lekshmi has just a couple of scenes altogether, while Simran is neat though she does not have a good load of solid moments.

The main drawback in Captain however comes from its technical factors, with the cinematography not being upto the mark and the VFX too being an eyesore at many places. Imman’s songs are fine but his BGM feels a bit too repetitive.

On the whole, Captain has a cool plot for sure but Shakti Rajan’s execution feels a bit laidback and there are not many thrilling or wow moments which are a must in such a film. Captain is a film that could have been much better but at the moment, the end product is just about satisfactory. Captain Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A partly engaging creature feature!

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