Rename SIFAA as Tamil Nadu Film Artistes’ Association: Bharathiraja

Veteran director Bharthiraja has put forth his request once again to rename the South Indian Film Artistes’ Association to Tamil Nadu Film Artistes’ Association soon. “There was a time when the entire South Indian Film Industry was operating from Chennai. ‘South Indian Film Producers’ Council‘, ‘South Indian Film Directors’s Council‘ and even SIFAA seemed logical and sane back then. Later, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu industries branched out of Chennai and set base in their own cities,” says Bharathiraja.

Now, SIFPC and SIFDC have been already operating under the names of Tamil Film Producers’ Council and Tamil Film Directors’ Council without the South Indian tag. Likewise, the ace filmmaker requests the concerned authorities to unite together and christen the SIFAA to Tamil Nadu Film Artistes’ Association. Ameer, the President of FEFSI (Film Employees’ Federation of South India) had already announced that it will be renamed as Film Employees’ Federation of Tamil Nadu soon. Will Sarath Kumar, the President of SIFAA follow suit?


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