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AR Rahman turns producer

AR Rahman is all set to bankroll a Hindi film next year. Earlier Rahman told in an interview that Indian cinema doesn’t even churn out a handful of musicals like Hollywood and he would like to produce some soon. Now, the Oscar winning composer has decided to be at the helm. “Our first production is almost ready to roll. It’s in Hindi. I would be there to oversee it. We have chalked out a wonderful team to take care of the film production. ”

“I know it sounds like a big responsibility, and it is! I think Vishal Bhardwaj made that successful transition from music to filmmaking before me. But let me tell you, I have no plans of directing films like Vishal. That would require my full attention, which I am in no position to give right now. Whether it was Mani Ratnam or Danny Boyle whom I worked with in my musical capacity, I was always asking them questions about filmmaking. It was just a matter of time before I got seriously involved in the process of making films,” says AR Rahman.