Anjala Movie Review

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Plot & Narration

An emotional tea-break!

Overall, Anjala is occasionally refreshing with a matured performance from Pasupathi.

Cast: Vemal, Nandita, Pasupathy, Subbu Panchu, Imman Annachi, Murugadoss,Ritwika & others

Cinematography: Ravi Kannan

Music: Gopi Sundar

Editing: Praveene KL

PRO: Suresh Chandra

Stunts: Super Subbarayan

Written & Directed by: Thangam Saravanan

Produced by: Farmer’s Master Plan Production, 1st Copy Pictures, Etcetera Enteretainment

Distribution: Auraa Cinemas

Release Date: 12-02-2016

Run Time: 01:52:00

A tea break at any point of the day is refreshing. Based on this, a story combined with a good melange of romance, emotions and comedy is what Anjala is all about.

Anjala, a tea stall owned by Pasupathi in Solvandhan has a history behind and we are told the same in a brief flash back. Vemal as Kavas, a youngster from the town, who is looking for bank’s help  to give wings to his bike service dealership along with his friends spends most of the time in the tea stall.

Pasupathi has a played dual role. One from a periodic portion where he, along with Ritwika as his wife, creates a small hut providing water and tea for the travelers and farmers. This flashback is narrated beautifully with little emotions. Lots of youngsters in the tea stall gather daily to spend time and leave for their daily work from there. When one such person uses the shop for his illegal business, he gets caught by the police leaving Pasupathi and all the people around him in trouble.

When the government plans to extend the highways everyone comes together to save the ancestral tea shop, which has been the main symbol of the town. Pasupathi is the highlight of the film with his lovely expressions. His controlled mannerisms added more honesty to his character. Vemal has come up with his usual expressions and Nandita has portrayed her role with ease.

Murugadoss, Imman Annachi, RV Uthaykumar and Subbu Panchu just managed to deliver what is needed of them as per the script. Old fashioned comedy and romantic portions tests the patience though the flashback portion gives life to the script.

On the technical part, cinematographer Ravi kannan adds some importance to the script with his frames and neat editing by Praveen KL does a favor with the run time. Music and songs by Gopi Sundar appear middling and don’t impress.

Overall, Anjala is occasionally refreshing with a matured performance from Pasupathi.

Anjala Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5