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Amala Paul recalls sexual harassment by Alagesan at dance studio


Amala Paul has recalled the sexual harassment she underwent when Alagesan, who is currently in judicial custody, had approached her for sexual favors.

Her full statement

On 3lst Jan while I was practicing at a Chennai based studio for a dance performance. A man entered the premises and approached me saying there is something important he needs to discuss with me regarding the event. He offered me to attend a special dinner after the event which was to be concluded in Malaysia.

When I cross-questioned him as to what special dinner he is talking about, he shrugged and said, “Don’t be a fool, you are not a kid.” I got startled because when I looked around no one was present at that moment aside me and him and this disgusting conversation. When this guy went out of the studio, saying he is waiting for my positive answer, I called my well-wishers and staff to come to my rescue. It took them 30 odd minutes to reach the spot and catch hold of him, while he was patiently and confidently stood outside the studio as if this was his normal day at a business negotiation.

Seeing my team approaching him, he tried to escape the situation by saying, “She can also say ‘no’ if she doesn’t want to, what‘s the big deal?”. When he tried to push my team and ran, they caught hold of him and locked him up in the studio. While this ordeal was going on, I realized that he is a member of an organized sex racket as he had my latest number stored in his phone and had all the information related to me and other actresses performing in the event. When the police arrived at the scene on complaints of nuisance by the locals around the studio, we delivered this guy to the Mamangalam police station in T Nagar. I too rushed to the station to file an FIR.

I thank the police for their swift action on the matter as they have not only found various evidence of the operations of the racket but have also arrested two of the linchpins. Few more arrest warrants are underway for other suspects too. But I still request them to expedite their investigation and make public all the names who are involved in this racket.

Some media houses are spreading rubbish about my manager without even having the slightest of a clue as to what went down the other day and who the real culprits are. There is an investigation going on and I don’t wish to be a hurdle in same that’s the only reason I am choosing to keep mum on the findings. But that doesn’t stop me from filing a defamation suit against such cheap journalism.

This statement is also to bring to attention that during the investigation by the Chennai police, they haven’t found any ill-doing on behalf of my manager Mr. Pradeep Kumar and any of my team members.

On the work front, Amala Paul is currently waiting for the release of Baskar Oru Rascal, where she is paired opposite Arvind Swami.



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