Aishwarya Rajesh Interview – “Dharma Durai will fetch me a lot of name”

Aishwarya Rajesh has had two successful films in quick succession – the commercial horror comedy Hello Naan Pei Pesuren (HNPP) and last week’s court room drama Manithan. While she was the typical heroine in the former, she had a pivotal character in the latter. In this chat with Kaushik LM for Only Kollywood, Aishwarya opens up about her career graph.

Any interview with Aishwarya would feel incomplete without a mention of Kaaka Muttai. Has this film boosted her career in the right way?

“Ya, definitely. Good offers have been coming to me post Kaaka Muttai. But more than the offers, it has earned me great respect as a performer. The going is quite good actually.”

Aishwarya maintains that she wishes to do typical commercial films like HNPP as well. “There has to be a mix of all types”, she says.

Coming to Manithan, how has her role been received? 

In Manithan, there wasn’t much screen space for me, but it was a powerful character. The hero in fact comes and approaches aishwarya rajesh interview pic 1me for help. I don’t need longer screen time or the typical heroine elements. Some people have advised me to concentrate on full-fledged heroine roles only. But it’s not like that for me. I work on the basis of my character and its performance scope. I was very happy to hear applause for my dialogue, “Enakku commissioner eh theriyum.” Such moments are more important to me. That’s how I choose my roles. I have no regrets and am hoping to do more such good roles.”

For the first time, Aishwarya didn’t dub on her own…

“I generally dub for all my parts but Manithan was the first time someone else (Uma of Irudhi Suttru fame) dubbed for me. I prefer dubbing on my own always, but due to time constraints and release pressure, it was unavoidable this time. Director Ahmed wanted me to speak particularly. It was new for me to listen to some other voice (laughs).”

Up next, Dharmadurai promises another Aishwarya special,

After Kaakka Muttai, this very special character in Dharmadurai will fetch me a lot of name. Despite a lot of other actors, I have my space in this film. It will be my most favorite part after Kaaka Muttai.”

The reunion with ‘Kaaka Muttai’ Manikandan,

“In Kutrame Thandanai, I have played a small role, with negative shades. It is like an extended cameo, and a very crucial one. I did it for my director Mani. I have tried something new, and have to see how it is received post its release.”

And the curiously titled Mo?

Mo is again a different script, belonging to the horror genre. I didn’t want to repeat myself in this genre but the script impacted me.aishwarya rajesh interview pic 2 Mo gives good importance to the heroine, and I have lots of get-ups in the film. I have worked hard and have pinned great hopes on it.”

Recently, a sensational quote about non-Tamil heroines flourishing over Tamil girls was attributed to Aishwarya. She clarifies her stance on this,  

I didn’t mean North Indian girls particularly. For example, Hansika and Tamannah are doing really good, I have worked with both of them. They are taking the effort to talk in Tamil despite not knowing the language. Soon, I have to go to Hindi and work in a language that am not familiar with. Acting isn’t bound by language. All I meant was that I had a tough path, despite being a Tamil speaking heroine. Out of my personal experience, I said this.

A lot of misleading, false statements are attributed to me. Recently, I also read reports stating that I was giving more preference to money and that am looking out only for lead roles.”

Finally, the inevitable question on her impending Bollywood launch with the film Daddy starring Arjun Rampal, 

My preparations will start in a bit and the shoot will begin in June – July. There will be workshops soon. I can’t reveal much now due to contractual restrictions.

All the very best to this dusky Tamil beauty who is set to make us proud in Bollywood soon!

Interviewed by Kaushik LM

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