Airaa Movie Review

Cast: Nayanthara, Kalaiarasan, Gabriella, Yogibabu, Jaya Prakash, Kulappulli Leela, Meera Krishnan, Maathevan & others

Cinematography: Sudarshan Srinivasan 

Music: Sundaramurthy KS 

Editing: Karthik Jogesh

Story & Screenplay: Priyanka Ravindran 

Written & Directed by: Sarjun KM

Produced by: KJR Studios

Distribution: Trident Arts

Release Date: 28-03-2019

Run Time: 02:22:00

Nayanthara, after playing so many different roles in her career, makes her way into Airaa, the latest Sarjun directorial. The film has loads of space for her acting potential to go into full swing, with the role of Bhavani taking over the stylish and modern Yamuna. Director Sarjun and writer Priyanka Ravindran collaborate a variety of genres such as emotional drama, thriller and horror along with some occasional comics as well. The result is a film that is impressive in parts.

Airaa begins very well with the horror element being nicely introduced, Nayanthara’s intro scene being a mass moment we’d definitely like, and also the title credits which are wonderfully designed. The film then travels on a watery path, with decent involvement for the audiences in the story. It is only in the second half that it moves into the most important quarter, with the entrance of the film’s second character in Bhavani. The latter half of the film emotionally hits you with its drama based on the butterfly effect, and the consequences that bring both the Nayantharas together.

Despite the presence of Nayanthara right from the start, the film takes in more interest only when the character of Bhavani comes in. In a dark-skinned tone, Nayanthara does make you feel for her with her emotionally charged role which is dipped in trauma. The series of events that take place in the second half matter more, and it is only because of her extremely well-controlled performance that gives no space to find fault. On the other hand, Kalaiarasan has a good role to play with screen time for the entirety of the film, and does it neatly. The rest of the characters including Yogi Babu are little tools for the story.

Music director Sundaramurthy KS’ work in Airaa is commendable, with a terrific score that definitely elevates the proceedings. The cinematography and the edit are good enough to handle the storyline aptly.

Overall, Airaa progressively gets better from the first half to the second and turns out to be more of an emotional drama than a horror thriller. The film works majorly because of Nayanthara, for the actress simply rules the roost in the space given to her. The message that the film wishes to deliver is a laudable intent that can be appreciated!

Verdict: Nayanthara steals the show in this well-intended drama!

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