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Aan Devathai Movie Review

Cast: Samuthirakani, Ramya Pandian, Suja Varunee, Kavin Raj, Baby Monica, Ilavarasu & others

Cinematography: Vijay Milton

Music: Ghibran

Editing: Kasi Viswanathan

PRO: John

Written & Directed by: Thamira

Produced by: Child Productions & Sigaram Cinemas

Release Date: 12-10-2018

After a gap of 8 years since his debut film Rettai Suzhi, director Thamira returns with Aan Devathai – a film that focusses on running a family of four with limited resources. Starring Samuthrakani, the film takes the route of his earlier films like Appa and Thondan to narrate it’s story.

Samuthrakani (Ilango) is married to Jessie (Ramya Pandian) and now has two kids. Both the parents are made to work under grueling time schedules and therefore have no time for their kids. Seeing the scene and analyzing that it will spoil the life of their kids, Samuthrakani takes the brave step to quit his job. However, it does not go down too well with Ramya Pandian who tries various ways to go higher in her job and is later even humiliated by her colleagues. This creates a rift with Samuthrakani who later leaves home with his daughter. The following events show us what happens then, and the story of how Samuthrakani puts his life together.

Samuthrakani puts in a good performance, just like his other films. There are a handful of good dialogues that could sink into you, and when they are mouthed by him, they add meaning. On the other hand, Ramya Pandian is a decent pick for the role and the rest of the cast are apt to their spots.

Ghibran gives the film two good songs that will be remembered post your watch. The track Pesugindren deserves a special mention.

Overall, Aan Devathai is a passable film that shows us the side of life that we already know about. If director Thamira had concentrated more on his script having a few more drafts, it would have worked way better. For now, it’s a watchable product.

Verdict: A decent, emotional ride.