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‘Aakko’ is purely for myself: Anirudh

The single Enakenna Yaarum Illaye from the film Aakko composed by Anirudh Ravichander was released yesterday and it received rave response from netizens. “This album is so trippy – I’d had been waiting for a film like this; a project that is personal, has lot of experimentation and allowed me to compose without any mainstream restrictions. Even the BGM is different; comprised of 12-14 songs,” says Anirudh.

Interestingly, Anirudh was first approached to play the lead role but he chose to compose music for the film instead.  “Aakko is a whacked out script; a small-budget script I chose, irrespective of goals and pandering to audience expectations – it’s purely for myself,” adds Anirudh who busts reports that he’s a playing a cameo in an upcoming film.

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