70 minutes of VFX in Kashmora

Karthi’s Kashmora, which is progressing at a brisk pace in Aditya Ram Studios in East Coast Road, will feature 70 minutes of VFX. Billed as Karthi’s most expensive film in his career, Kashmora has been shot at an imperial scale by Dream Warrior Pictures. The team has completed 60% of shooting and is eyeing to release the film during the first week of September.

Directed by Gokul of Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumaara fame, Kashmora features Nayanthara and Sri Diyva as female leads. The team canned a spectacular war sequence recently in a massive set constructed in the premises of Aditya Ram Studios. The movie reportedly has a total of 17 sets where major scenes are being filmed.

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