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Valeba Raja – Songs Review

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Ennamo Pannura
Orunaal Orunaal
Vaa Madhi Vadhana
Ice Cream Penne

Passable Debut from Radhan!

Though not exceptional, the album has its moments. Radhan's debut comprises an outstanding Orunaal Orunaal, a run-of-the-mill yet listenable Gaana Bala number but the other three tracks are poorly conceived.

Cast: Sethu, Santhanam, Vishakha Singh, Nushrat Bharucha

Direction: Sai Gokul Ramanath

Lyrics : Na Muthukumar, Madhan Karky, Gaana Bala, Radhan

Music: Radhan

Label: Sony Music India


  • Ennamo Pannura – Replete with techno beats, this peppy number works only in parts. The violin intermezzo towards the end is a misfit. A passable number!
  • Orunaal Orunaal – A pleasant tune and lovely vocals of Bobo Shashi rightly supported by Veena towards the fag end of the song. Though the composition looks a tad too familiar, the song, definitely, is a good listen
  • Vaa Madhi Vadhana – A funny western-retro set to the foot-tapping rap of Blaaze ends up drab and unexciting, thanks to the largely old-fashioned tune by Radhan
  • Nadukadalula – A run-of-the-mill Gaana Bala number. A predictable, done -and-dusted dappanguthu tune set to the funny lyrics which encompass first line of popular gaana songs in Tamil. A middling effort from the composer. One-time excitement, at best
  • Ice Cream Penne – Supposed to be the rework of Ennamo Pannura, this number appears rather sluggish. The arrangement of sounds is uninspiring. Probably the poorly conceived song in the album