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LoveEndravan Nee Yaruda
Inky Pinky Inky Ponky
Hey Vasamoakka
Engathaan Porantha


Thaman manages to find his form with a beautiful melody, two heavy numbers, an enjoyable western and a song banking solely on lyrics.

Cast : STR, Hansika

Music : Thaman

Direction : Vijay Chandar

Label : Sony Music


Engathaan Porantha

The album opens up with STR’s “EngathaanPorantha” which is a medley of Guitar Chords, Hip-Hop Beats and Dubstep fillers. It’s a definitely catchy in parts and will grab the listener’s attention to be one of the peppy songs of the season.

Hey Vasamoakka

AnirudhRavichander, Andrea Jeremiah’s “Hey Vasamoakka” has that positive vibe combining unusual elements with different genres in one track. Vocals are tweaked here and there to give the electro-music age feel. It can be a radio-hit!
Inky Pinky Inky Ponky
The Second STR’s track in the album “Inky Pinky Inky Ponky” is all about leading character putting the word out to his love, what she means to him and what he would do to impress her. It’s made-to-be peppy track and vocals are tweaked in this song as well.
Love Endravan Nee Yaaruda
STR’s third track is mix of dabankkuthu and rock (i.e. use of guitar and bass) or “KuthuPattu” to be precise. The Song is about the negative impact of love in his life. Suprisingly, Simbu’s vocals are tweaked in this song as well which doesn’t give a good-feel to the track.
The track leads the vocals of T. Rajendran aka TR. SS Thaman, the music director has tried this track with the combination of dabankkuthu and Drum & Bass genre. It’s fast and peppy masala track with surprise interludes for Ajit and Simbhu Fans. Sure to be an audience winner.

SS Thaman does a decent job in bringing peppy tracks as in Vaalu.  The songs are catchy and focused for the ears of the youth. It would also surface to meet the expectation of the masses. However, the quality slightly drops when you see such regular tweaks to vocals and habituated the influence of electronic music.