Writer Movie Review

Samuthirakani comes in with a top-notch performance in this engaging drama. Here goes our Writer Movie Review.

Writer Movie Review

A realistic, arresting drama with Samuthirakani's top performance!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Debutant director Franklin Jacob’s Writer is a fantastic drama that packs in loads of realism and presents it in a very interesting way. The film is close to life as much as possible and has been made as a procedural more than a cinematic drama, but it does keep you engaged as much as possible.

Writer tells us the story of Thangaraj (Samuthirakani), a man who works as a writer in the police force. Thangaraj is one who fights for the struggles of the cops, requesting the force to come up with a union. As he is shifted from Trichy to Chennai, he is forced to come into terms with the work in the new office, which is not the same as the one back in his hometown. Thangaraj then runs into Devakumar, a college student who has been caught by the cops and kept custody at a lodge. As Thangaraj dives into Devakumar’s case, he finds some eye-opening details and tries his best to help Devakumar find a way out.

The best part about Writer is in how the film is realistic to the core, and rolls out in the most believable fashion without any elements to make it look over the top.

Franklin keeps it extremely simple and does not give way to any needless additions or exaggerations. There is a lot of research done about this side of the police force which is majorly unknown.

Samuthirakani delivers a tour-de-force as Thangaraj, playing the troubled old cop who does not bulge from his efforts to save the needy. The film has a solid support cast, including Madras Hari and a bunch of newcomers who get the job done right. Technically too, Writer gives the film a feeling of a docu-drama, and does not try to go over the roof with big moves or so.

Franklin Jacob’s Writer is a very engrossing drama that sucks you into the world and keeps the ball rolling until the very end. With Samuthirakani delivering a towering performance, this film is an impressive one that will head into the list of the best films this year.  Writer Movie Review by Siddarth Srinvas

Writer Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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