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We are heartbroken: Ghibran

Ghibran’s trans-national drive to release the songs of his upcoming project Chennai 2 Singapore earned appreciation from all quarters including his mentor Kamal Haasan, who lauded the idea. Now, the unfortunate leak of all songs on various websites has shocked the entire team.

Ghibran is on a journey through six countries to drive – from Chennai to Singapore – by road which began on the 12th of August. They have already released three songs – one in Chennai, one in Bhutan and the third in Myanmar after a lot of hurdles. 

Although people are giving me positive feedback and saying that they are enjoying the songs, it is disturbing to know that they have been leaked and are available on numerous torrent sites for download. Now that the songs are out, we do not know what to do. We are heartbroken and are asking ourselves on what is the purpose of continuing on this drive. This piracy war cannot be fought. We managed to fight on when there were unforeseen situations during the drive. However, we do not know how to react to this. We have asked for the songs to be taken down on pirated sites to avoid piracy spreading further. We humbly request people to not download the songs from pirated sites and to support us,” requests Ghibran in an official statement. 

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