Visithiran Movie Review

RK Suresh does a great job as an alcoholic in Padmakumar’s faithful remake. Below goes our Visithiran Movie Review.

Visithiran Movie Review

A neat and clean remake that engages audiences.

Story & Narration
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RK Suresh’s Visithiran is an official remake of the Malayalam thriller Joseph, and the film is directed by Padmakumar who worked on the original. Visithiran sticks to the basics and comes off as a fine watch for those who have not seen the original film.

The film has the same plot line as per the original, as it follows the life of a retired cop (Maayan) who still has it in him to solve tough cases in a jiffy. When his ex-wife passes away, he is forced to look into the case, and finds out that what has happened is a murder. In turn, the second half follows Maayan and his chase for the killer.

Visithiran’s first half sets up the plot of the film very well, keeping the essence of the original alive through the impressive opening sequence of the film which works superbly. The film moves along at a very good pace by introducing all the characters and lifting the reveals at important places. The second half however, does not engage the viewer in full and is patchy. Still, the climax sequence is one that many would have not seen coming, and hence, it works in favour of the film.

RK Suresh delivers a really good performance in Visithiran, showcasing a good difference between the three different looks that he has. He is impressive as the chain smoker and alcoholic who is smart enough to solve cases on his own, as he handles most of the sequences on his own.

The film also benefits from the presence of its supporting cast – Ilavarasu and Bucks are characters who manage to stick onto our minds along with Shamna Kasim as well.

GV Prakash’s background score is another very good addition to the film, and it works well in the important pre-climax portions of the film.

On the whole, Visithiran is a watchable drama for those looking to catch a film in theatres this weekend. The film could have had a better second half but is engaging nevertheless.  Visithiran Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Visithiran Movie Review Rating: 3/5